Linear sanitary taps & valves as a producer of most qualified sanitary taps & valves in Iran, is pursuing maximum value through increase & advancement in chain of value, and increasing competitive privilege at international levels. This company feels commitment to provide the expectation of beneficiaries, stable & secure production, and undertaking social& environmental responsibilities, specifically supporting inscriptives of Teemareh.

Service customer

High lights for maintenance & cleanliness

 Guidelines for security & maintenance:

Please use neutral chemical cleaners with water daily. Using citric acid cleaners creates lime.

Never spray directly on fittings. Spray on material then clean.

Don’t overuse cleaner. Just use consistent with dust.

Wash with enough water & soft material to shine.

Never use :

Chlorine bleaching agents.

Bleaching agents having light & vaporizable acids like acetic acid.

Abrading or grinding pad.

Cleaning agents having enzymes. Or any grinding liquids.

Meanwhile, cleaning of fittings helps to keep their value.

    • Whitesmithing of products if there is color change or exfoliation is guaranteed. But while whitesmithing, any problems due to using unsuitable washing liquid & scratches from bad transportations, are not guaranteed.
    • All cartridges, taps, kits of built in valves are guaranteed.
  • Hoses are not guaranteed.
  • All parts in purchased pack must be completely installed, especially filters & spanners for that product.
  • Damages from mistakes / failure in installation are not undertaken by company.

–  In newly built and / reconstructed buildings, it is much better to remove the water in pipes for some min, this is to make sure anything solid like probable grains of  sand  goes out, and does not hurt products .

– don’t forget to install all parts of product, especially filters.

– Guarantee period is 5 years after sales.

– Sellers & agents are asked to seal and sign the guarantee card available in pack.

– After sale of goods, report any problem or fault in products to after sales service offices by direct phone.

– Company will proceed to replace or repair damaged products after investigation. Presenting warranty card is necessary.

– We will register your addresses & phone numbers. Then central office will respond you in 24 hours.

– After problem elimination, Email your comments, complaints, or any problems through the survey forms at

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